8 Things Being in a Long Distance Relationship Will Teach You

1.  How to Bond Through Conversation

burnschattyIn a long distance relationship talking is all you can really do, and with all the technology around communicating has never been easier. As you can’t go on real dates together, time is filled by chatting and this can help you both open up and get to know each others complexities.

2. The Art of Being Comfortably Silent


 But really, there’s only so much to say. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to sit on skype together whilst doing different things. Even couples who spend a lot of time together and have a lot in common may not always have something new to say, so why repeat the same material? Silence can be comfortable and relaxing.

3. How to Trust Deeply

aladintrustSpending time away from each other means that neither partner can monitor the other. When you’re in a long distance relationship you have to trust that you’re waiting for each other and telling the truth about your feelings.

4. How to Appreciate Your Own Company

HOUSEALONEWhen you spend a lot of time with someone else, it can be easy to lose your sense of self. Sometimes a little space can give you room to work out your priorities and learn to enjoy your own company. This space can also reassure you that you can function as an individual as well as part of a couple.

5. How to Appreciate Your Partner’s Company


Sometimes couples can take each other for granted, but when you have to be separated it makes you appreciate every hug.

6. That Absence = Anticipation

frankPATIONThe lack of sex can have interesting consequences. Not only does the lack enhance the appreciation for the act, but the waiting itself can be elongated foreplay. Long distance couples have to be creative in the bedroom – it can really polish up your sexting and skype striptease skills!

7. To Implement Super Organizational Skills

donnamultitaskBeing in different timezones or having different timetables can mean without being organized you may not get to spend time together at all. But, if you’re keen to spend time with your partner when you’re apart, it’s always possible with a little skillful juggling and scheduling to make sure you set appointments for long distance quality time.

 8. To Be Optimistic

poohlongdistanceThere’s a lot of doubt about whether long distance relationships are wise, and whether they can actually work. To combat this skepticism, being in a long distance relationship means you have to stay focused on the good parts. Look forward to the visits, the good times, and the strengthened bond you have created. Only you will know whether you can handle a long distance relationship, so don’t let anyone degrade what you have.